Litigation Attorney in Salem, MA

Company Name:
Trial Attorney
The candidate will provide child welfare representation. Will be responsible for the performance of tasks necessary to provide adequate representation, including: client interviews; legal research and writing; pre-72 hour hearing investigation including reviewing pleadings and exhibits, locating and interviewing witnesses, preparing witnesses, gathering facts from the social worker and other collateral providers, consulting with other parties' counsel regarding their position, collecting and reviewing documentary evidence, identifying objections to testimonial and documentary evidence, draft appropriate motions; obtaining entire DCF file, reviewing service plan, proposing changes to plan, advising client on whether to sign, meeting with court investigator, preparing client to meet with court investigator, preparing motions to strike inadmissible evidence contained in the court investigator report; preparing necessary motions regarding outstanding discovery, identify matters requiring further hearing (e.g., services, visitation), filing written certification that mediation has been discussed, preparing pre-trial memo, developing trial strategy with client; attending Foster Care Review, reviewing DCF's permanency plan and filing objections, if necessary; investigating and representing client's position in extraordinary medical treatment hearings; filing abuse of discretion motions challenging DCF decisions; filing motions to compel sibling visitation and parent/child visitation; care and protection trials and termination of parental rights trials; representation of clients in interlocutory proceedings; post judgment representation; and providing formal and informal assistance to private attorneys on cases assigned through the Private Counsel Division.

Don't Be Fooled

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